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Introduction to Insight Meditation

An Evening Talk

The Liberating Effect of Mindfulness

A Non-Residential Weekend Retreat


The Evening Talk ...
“If you want to understand your mind, sit down and
​observe it.” 

These simple instructions, offered by one of the elders in the western Insight Meditation tradition, point to the power of this ancient form of meditation. Cultivating the concentration, kindness and insight, insight can lead to profound inner healing, transformation and growth. Join meditation teacher and author Oren Jay Sofer for this intimate evening exploring the foundations of this ancient practice. The evening will include a guided meditation, talk and time for questions and answers. 

Non-Residential Weekend Retreat ...

This weekend non-residential retreat provides a valuable opportunity to deepen the skills of awareness and to cultivate an open heart. Together, we will seek balance and freedom within the changing flow of life. You’ll learn the basic tools and principles behind Insight Meditation, andhave an opportunity to deepen your existing meditation practice  Oren will offer guidance in developing attitudes of mind that support relaxation, courageous inquiry, and an authentic encounter with one’s own heart.

This silent retreat is open to all levels of experience and will include periods of sitting and walking meditation, mindful movement, talks and question/answer sessions.

Wisdom House proudly co-sponsors Omaha Meditates, a community wide event
encouraging people to dedicate at least one minute on New Year’s Day to practice well
being through the meditation technique
​of their choosing. On New Year’s Day Wisdom House and other sponsors provide events to teach and practice meditation, with Wisdom House also providing an opportunity for experienced practitioners to join in an extended communal sitting. We also
encourage those, like yourself, who find
their way to our site to consider an
intention to practice mindfulness at
least one minute a day throughout the year.

If you would like to explore Mindfulness and Meditation further visit our New Year's Resolution page and 

​share your intention.

New Years Day Hosted Event

COMING IN 2021! Retreats with Oren Jay Sofer  

Events are freely offered at no charge, but registration is required and space is limited. Teacher dana is encouraged.