​Belinda Vacanti, Board Chair,
Vacanti & Associates

Dr. Louisa Foster, Psy.D., RDT/BCT 
The Center for Mindful Living

Brad Crosby
Airlite Plastics

Laura Crosby

​Laura Marr
Liberty Elementary School

Elizebeth Murphy
Emspace + Lovgren 

Therese Vaughn

Aaron Weiner
The Wisdom House Collaborative

Dr. Steve Wengel
University of Nebraska College of Medicine, 
Dept of Psychiatry

Dr. Larry Widman
Performance Mountain

Rosie Zweibeck
​UNMC Munroe-Meyer Institute

​The Wisdom House Collaborative Board

Laura Crosby


With the support of family and friends, the Weiner and Crosby families began the Wisdom House Collaborative in 2015. 

​More mindfulness 

for more people

in more places

Aaron Weiner

Executive Director & Co-Founder

Laura has been studying meditation and mindfulness for more than 12 years, taking courses with Mindful Schools, Omega Institute, Shambhala Publications and others. She facilitates private and small group mindfulness sessions as well as a mindfulness study group at The Center for Mindful Living.  Laura enjoyed a 20-year career in communications and weaves that experience into engagement with our meditation and mindfulness community.

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​​​​"After 25 years practicing law, I wanted to take the opportunity to co-found the Wisdom House ​as a nonprofit helping steward mindfulness practice in our community. I am currently furthering my formal mindfulness training, deepening my practice and reaching out to cultivate resources and ​support for the Wisdom House mission."

The Wisdom House Collaborative is an Omaha-based non-profit working to bring more mindfulness to more people in more places throughout Nebraska. It's as simple as that.

We want to cultivate our area's mindfulness community by connecting people who are practicing, teaching and interested in mindfulness with resources, programs, organizations and training -- and just as importantly by connecting them with each other. 

A primary focus is cultivating well-being and mindfulness among students and teachers by providing mindfulness programming for schools and community.