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Camp is for anyone interested in learning more about mindfulness practice and how it applies in youth engagement, sports, education, non-violent communication, self-compassion, trauma recovery, or stress reduction.   Camp is also for those who are looking for more in-depth experiences and who would enjoy coming together as a community.  There will be particular opportunities for coaches, educators, and mental health practitioners who can receive “CEUs”. Camp also provides opportunities for those looking for some quiet time to just be and siesta.

Camp is at the Carol Joy Holling Retreat Center, Swanson Building, near Ashland, Nebraska.  We have a variety of course options over four days divided into a LAB room for presentations/discussions, and a GYM room for guided and silent practices.   Passes can be purchased for each day to drop into any of the classes, with mulit-day pass discounts.  Lodging is also available and encouraged by discounted prices.

Here was our 2023 Camp Schedule  (2024 Schedule is in planning)

Monday, June 26, will begin with a demonstration of youth engagement mixers and team builders led by Laron Henderson from Collective for Youth.  The afternoon will kick off with a colorful and brief introduction to “What is All This About Mindfulness”.   This will be followed by our headline speaker and leading author and sports psychologist, Dr. Larry Widman, who will share on the topic: “The Intersection Between Mindset and Mental Health and Well Being in Peak Performers.”  The presentation will be followed by a patio happy hour for more Q&A.  The first fifteen Monday registrants will receive a free copy of Dr. Widman’s book, Max Out Mindset.  For those staying the evening, there will be a campfire, a play by our student interns, and a community “yoga nidra” for sleep.

 Tuesday, June 27,will begin with an opportunity for relaxation practice with a “sound bath” of bells, followed by an exploration of the emotion and behavior science being offered to generate well-being in the schools, a discussion of “hot topics” (ADHD and Difficult Emotions), and an opportunity to learn about and experience trauma informed relaxation techniques.  Educators will receive a collection of demonstration tools to help with classroom mindfulness practice.  The evening will include a discussion of mindfulness and leadership, to be followed by live music and s’mores by the campfire.

Wednesday, June 28, will begin with a guided mindful movement to greet the morning, to be followed by options to learn how to prepare for difficult conversations, learn stress reduction practices, and enjoy some play therapy.  There will also be opportunity for interactive card games where small groups practice listening and feeding back each others’ deeper feelings and needs.  The evening will involve a community “vision” meeting to brainstorm some collaborations and plans for next year, a sunset silent sit at the Mahoney Tower, and a campfire.
Thursday, June 29, will begin with another opportunity for sound bath, with the options of proceeding for a day of guided silence for the Mindful Based Stress Reduction practitioners, or a day of Self Compassion and Loving Kindness practice. Click here to learn more about the MBSR retreat

HOW:  Registration will be available in 2024 for our Mindfulness Community Collaboration Camp

SLIDING SCALE: We are looking for “participants” who are asked to pay what they can afford, and “hosts” who are willing to help pay for themselves and others.  We are essentially crowd funding to support the event and to encourage participation of students and leaders, young and old, regardless of means. Space is limited to 20 lodgers, and 15 day passes per day.   Hosting donations will be matched up to $4,000 by the Weiner/Skeen families, so please be generous and double your gift! Please be the early bird – we would love to see you😊

Click here for Map Directions to the Carol Joy Holling Retreat Center

Save the DateS:

Mindfulness Community
Collaboration Camp

July 29-August 2, 2024 @ Carol Joy Holling Swanson Retreat Center

A chance for our mindfulness community to come together for shared  learning and practice. Offerings include youth Engagement, Mindfulness & Emotion Science, Difficult Conversations, Self Compassion and Lovingkindness Practice and a MBSR Silent Retreat.  

Free Mindfulness Self Retreat

July 13 & 14, 2023 @
Carol Joy Holling Swanson Retreat Center

We have rescheduled our Search Inside Yourself programming to next summer’s Mindfulness Collaboration Camp and Retreat, July 29-30, 2024. As a happy coincidence on July 13-14, 2023 we now have a beautiful space available for a free self retreat, and self organized activities. We will have silent spaces including in the dining hall for mindful eating practice, and gym/lab spaces for shared (not necessarily silent) practice and activity.  Snack Bar and lunch are both included and free.  We will start a wait list after the first 20 registrants. Our cost is $25 per participant. If you would like to make a donation it will help make our programming available to people of all means. Come anytime between 8:30am-5:30pm Register here

Search Inside Yourself will be July 29 & 30th of 2024

This program was originally designed by Google for it’s leadership teams.
The two day program guides participants through hands on practices
demonstrating that: cultivating Self Awareness, will lead to Emotional Regulation, will lead to better Communication, that ultimately leads to better relationships and Psychological Safety. Register Here

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